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DigiCHART Program

Virtual FX's DigiCHART program provides complete imaging services for medical offices. As more and more offices convert to EMR/EHR systems, it medical filesbecomes more important to streamline the paper-based medical records.Most practices start a “point forward” program wherein they only image from a launch date forward. DigiCHART allows an office to also have all backfile documents imaged and imported into the EMR/EHR system, providing an office with a complete patient history in digital format. DigiCHART can digitize your documents and provide them in a standard format for viewing with an EMR/EHR system or as a searchable database on a standard PC. With DigiCHART, offices show increased productivity without the loss of files and are able to quickly search and view your documents. Virtual FX, Inc. has worked with many Central Florida and South Florida medical centers in their transition to electronic medical records.


5 Advantages to Medical File Scanning

Lowers Labor Costs: Having all medical records scanned saves labor time because there is no need for manual ling, indexing,
or copying. Simplifying the process through an automated system can further reduce labor costs like hiring and training
Reduces Time Distraction: All manual processes take a sizable amount of time away from the day-to-day responsibilities of a medical oce, potentially cutting into customer face time and other important actions that help build and sustain the business. As volume increases, the scanning handles the time-intensive tasks to help avoid any backlogs.

Saves Space: File cabinets used to store records tend to take up a lot of physical space. By eliminating le cabinets this space could be used for other things like more patient rooms. The oce might even be downsized physically to lower costs and create a more environmentally friendly practice.

Decreases Mistakes: The more paper that must be handled, the more likely something will be misplaced or lost. Automating the process keeps medical records organized and accurate through a reduction in human interaction that often leads to mistakes due to fatigue or stress.

Bolsters Security: It is more difficult to secure paper files than electronic ones, so scanning all information can keep critical and confidential information  from getting into the wrong hands. Through the use of passwords, firewalls and encryption, medical record scanning systems strengthen security measures that an office must have to remain HIPAA compliant.


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Large Format Scanning

Virtual FX, Inc. provides:
a) document scanning of large format engineering and architectural drawingsblueprint
b) conversion of scanned drawings to editable CAD format
c) indexing of wide format drawings
d) retrieval of scan images of drawings in a document management system
e) scan conversion of drawings from raster to vector drawing format
f) conversion of scanned engineering drawings from 2D to 3D
Scanning and indexing of engineering and architectural drawings and maps improves the accessibility and sharing of large format drawings. Scanning of wide format drawings is also done for archiving and to make the replication and distribution of drawings more efficient and cost effective. Scanned drawings often also need to be converted to editable CAD format to allow for re-use and modification of previously created drawings.
In addition to using commercial raster to vector drawing conversion software for conversion of scanned images of architectural and engineering drawings, Virtual FX, Inc. translates the text, line and circle attributes of drawings to re-create the drawing in CAD file format.
Quality assurance of drawings post scan conversion to editable CAD format ensures that there is no deviation from scanned image of the large format drawing document on a 1:1 overlay check with the original drawing.
Virtual FX, Inc. provides large format drawing scanning services and scan to CAD conversion services to clients throughout Florida and Ohio.

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