Virtual FX, Inc. provides:
a) document scanning of large format engineering and architectural drawingsblueprint
b) conversion of scanned drawings to editable CAD format
c) indexing of wide format drawings
d) retrieval of scan images of drawings in a document management system
e) scan conversion of drawings from raster to vector drawing format
f) conversion of scanned engineering drawings from 2D to 3D
Scanning and indexing of engineering and architectural drawings and maps improves the accessibility and sharing of large format drawings. Scanning of wide format drawings is also done for archiving and to make the replication and distribution of drawings more efficient and cost effective. Scanned drawings often also need to be converted to editable CAD format to allow for re-use and modification of previously created drawings.
In addition to using commercial raster to vector drawing conversion software for conversion of scanned images of architectural and engineering drawings, Virtual FX, Inc. translates the text, line and circle attributes of drawings to re-create the drawing in CAD file format.
Quality assurance of drawings post scan conversion to editable CAD format ensures that there is no deviation from scanned image of the large format drawing document on a 1:1 overlay check with the original drawing.
Virtual FX, Inc. provides large format drawing scanning services and scan to CAD conversion services to clients throughout Florida and Ohio.